Line Assembly

Six poets. One van. Lots of enthusiasm.

We are six folks from different backgrounds, places, and persuasions. We met in Pittsburgh but now live in all corners of the country. Our common love for poetry and community keeps us together. We want to share that with others. 

So we are going on a tour of libraries and community spaces in underserved areas in hopes of helping local branches and groups create and sustain poetry programming and workshops. Along the way, we’ll give readings and implement People Against Poetry, a farcical performance project in which we adopt the personae of anti-poetry activists to solicit pro-poetry arguments from passers-by. And, of course, we’re getting the whole thing on tape; Line Assembly will live on as a documentary long after we’ve returned to our regular lives. We all went to poetry school, but we don’t believe that’s the only way or even the best way to experience poetry. We believe poetry is a community thing, and that poems can move people in real ways. 

One person, one poem, at a time. 

Line Assembly is Adam Atkinson, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Zachary Harris, Ben Pelhan, Anne Marie Rooney, and S.E. Smith. Want to know even more? Are you a venue, a journalist? Or just interested in reading some excerpts of our work? You can learn more by downloading our press kit! Or head over to KICKSTARTER campaign to watch a video in which we tell you all about ourselves, face to face!

To learn more about each of us, click here!